Thursday, September 11, 2008

founding editorial | curriculum veritas

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Establishment of this weblog for curriculum veritas ushers in a new era, years ahead of contemporary, secrecy-based governance systems, like curriculum vitae.

As any boss has said, "I've never read a bad CV."

Curriculum veritas allows both employer, employee, donor and donee, to enter relationships with eyes wide open, a real-world, real-time, real-people profile, in historical 3D.


Curriculum veritas is released for public use under TTT, total transparency tools.

TTT themselves come under agency ITI, or information transformation initiatives, a new, web2 approach to transparency and accountability issues.

This website is an open-source style response registering under trust laws of Aotearoa. An unrelated private version set up subsequent to this agency can be found below. No profits or any other revenues derive from this private version to this trust, under registration.



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background : wikipedia radical transparency

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